If you haven’t heard, Tesla is the owner of shiny new company called Solar City, which Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla crew are putting to good use. In a recent Twitter video, Tesla revealed that after a year of work, the American Samoan island of Ta'u is now running entirely on solar power.

How are they doing it? Well, thanks to 60 Tesla Powerpacks that help to store energy and the 5,328 solar panels they have on the island, Tesla has set up a 1.4 megawatt microgrid that can provide “nearly 100 percent” of the island’s electricity. This power source hopes to replace the outdated diesel generators the island relied heavily upon prior to the grid’s establishment.

Sure the island only covers 17 square miles and, according to Wikipedia, only has 873 inhabitants, but it’s an incredible step in solar technology nonetheless, and perhaps a sign of incredible things to come.

via engadget