There are two major ways to measure how fast a car goes: top speed and acceleration. For most people, top speed doesn’t mean much because we rarely get a chance to go anywhere near 100 miles an hour, and just about any car can easily do that speed. Acceleration, however, is something we feel and use on a daily basis.

That’s why we’re baffled, and somewhat aroused, by the recent announcement from Motor Trend that the Tesla Model S P100D did zero to 60 in 2.28 seconds. The nearly 5,000-pound electric car went from standstill to 60 miles an hour faster than it took to read the second half of this sentence.

The new version of Tesla’s popular Model S sedan includes a dual motor, all-wheel drive and claims the largest battery capacity of any production electric vehicle in the world. This results in the awe-inspiring acceleration numbers and impressive performance. It doesn’t come cheap, though. The P100D will run you about $135,000.

The acceleration record was accomplished using the Model S’s much-lauded “Ludicrous Mode,” in which the car goes into a battery and motor cooling mode using the air-conditioning system. After a few minutes of prep, the car is ready to launch. It takes about 10 minutes to cool down for another run, but we’re guessing one is enough to make you fear this beast of a car.

In other Tesla news, Elon Musk mentioned on Twitter that the company’s more-affordable ($35,000) Model 3 should begin shipping soon, saying that he expects shipments to arrive in India this summer. You won’t get insane launch speeds with the Model 3, but on the crazy roads of India, who needs them?

Also, we’re still waiting on that underground tunnel, Mr. Musk.