The car industry has changed forever, as we noted in “Tesla Has Made the Affordable Electric Car You Won’t Feel Like a Dork Driving.” With the long-awaited launch of a lower-price electric car from Tesla, it was to be a decisive matter of the public proving they were ready to go electric, and they did so beyond all expectations with Tesla’s Model 3. Founder Elon Musk was properly stoked.

Given that the Model S is a mid-size sedan with impressive cargo capacity and a price tag of $35,000, it’s pretty easy to see electric cars soon becoming more majority than minority in markets. Musk says Tesla’s up to the challenge, as the company’s set to double their charging stations around the world in the next year alone. Their gigantic Gigafactory, which will produce more lithium ion batteries than all other factories in the world, will have the largest footprint of any building in the world.

After years of talk and steps, it’s finally happening. The electric car is going to become sure bet instead of wildcard, and drivers are ready.