Electric car company Tesla has slipped an Easter Egg into its latest software update that’ll remind certain drivers of both fun times and horrible driving disasters on Mario Kart’s most memorable track.

In the latest update to its cars’ onboard software, Tesla slipped in a reference to Nintendo’s Mario Kart racing game series. As the video above shows, quickly activating “autopilot” four times on a Tesla after the new update changes the interface to look like a certain Mario Kart level.

That’s Rainbow Road, and sure, it looks cute and fun and inviting. It’s a road made out of rainbows in space, and you can drive on it! Lucky you. Except Rainbow Road is a racing nightmare, with no edges to stop you from sliding off the colorful path and plummeting forever through the void.

So while Tesla’s little Mario Kart shoutout is a cute one, I’m not sure I want to be reminded of the hours of horror and frustration I felt as my go-kart repeatedly skidded off the road and was lost in space every time I try to use the car’s GPS to find that one vegan restaurant whose location I keep forgetting.

Via TechnoBuffalo.