Even the least politically savvy American not at all up to date on current events has heard the word “Brexit,” or even just “Britain,” mentioned in the last day or two. The land of the Queen just voted to leave the European Union and then all of western everything went haywire, either in actuality or speculation of what is to come. The United States expects a major impact on the way our countries do business across the pond, but that might not be the most direct occurrence of the fallout. Texas, for instance, wants out.

Naturally calling the potential move “Texit,” the Texas National Movement sees the U.S. federal government as a European Union equivalent and has been reinspired—we’ve tread talk of this with Texas before—to leave the union.

TMN: We want to restore the power of self-government and self-determination back to the people of Texas. We believe that Texans are tired of being governed by bureaucrats in Washington that we didn’t elect forcing policies on us that we don’t want. We believe that the people that are best suited to make decisions for Texans are Texans.

This may be contingent on how the general election goes in November, as Texas a whole certainly favors a Trump presidency over a Clinton one. But it’s the momentum of Brexit that has the Lone Star State all geared up with eyes on independence, according to TMN President Daniel Miller.

MILLER: “It is now important for Texas to look to ‪#‎Brexit as an inspiration and an example that Texans can also take control of our destiny. It is time for Texans to rally with us and fight for the right to become a self-governing nation.”

Of all the states to pitch an exit, none has a better name for the movement. How would exit-inspired wordplay work for Rhode Island or the Dakotas? Texas already makes the best case for it because the movement’s name is so charming. “Texit” could even include jazz hands with spirit fingers if they wanted to really sell it.