Do yourself a favor, and take a moment to observe what McDonalds Tweeted this morning from their official Twitter account:



Yes, this glorious digital event actually occurred. And the tweet stayed there, pinned to McDonald’s Twitter profile for over 20 minutes, until they deleted it and posted, “Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this.”

Clearly, someone got his or her hands on the account and had a little fun, and as we wait to find out who it was and gift them with Bic Macs, the tech world is scrambling to determine if the tweet came from an employee or a hacker. After all, McDonald’s isn’t exactly known to be a corporation that makes its political opinions known lest the offend potential customers.

For a short period, #boycotmcdonalds trended on Twitter amongst Trump supporters, but as of this time, has slipped off the charts. Even better though, are some of the comments on the tweet. Here are a few favorites:

McDonald’s, welcome to the resistance.