As if to prove that the center of a venn diagram showing Star Wars fans and Lego fans is a circle labeled “People with too much money,” a brand new Millennium Falcon Lego set will be released ahead of the next Star Wars movie. In the words of an awestruck Luke Skywalker, “Look at the size of that thing.”

Spoilers: He’s talking about the price tag.

The set, officially titled the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon, isn’t just impressive in its scale — 22 inches wide, at 7,541 pieces, it’s officially the largest Lego set ever sold, beating out the previous record holder, the Taj Mahal, by more than 1,000 pieces — but also its cost. Those wanting to take this beauty home will have to shell out $799.99 in order to do so.

So what do buyers get for their 800 smackaroonies, beside looks of disdain from those who could think of countless better things to do with their money? A whole lot — the set doesn’t just allow fans to build the biggest Lego Millennium Falcon to date (a 2007 release was “just” 5,197 pieces), it also includes six mini-figures to pilot the ship, including two different versions of Han Solo, as well as a couple of lovable aliens to keep everyone company, including the already-beloved Porgs from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The Lego Falcon will have plenty of places for these figures, with the model featuring areas of the ship seen in the various Star Wars movies to date, including a cockpit that seats four, a communal area complete with holographic chess board — sorry, you’ll have to use your imagination to get it to work — and a gunner’s position, to help your heroes during a shootout with the Empire and/or First Order (whichever movie you’d prefer to reenact). Better yet, for the truly anal fans out there: the new Falcon will come with interchangeable radar dishes, so you can go with the original trilogy look (round dish) or the new trilogy’s visual (square dish). Such things count, apparently.

Unlike the majority of merch for the new movie, the Ultimate Falcon won’t make it from hyperspace into stores tomorrow. This oversize beauty won’t be for sale until October 1, which is probably a good thing. That way, you’ve got time to save for it, or at least work out excuses to defend the purchase to your inevitably unimpressed significant other.