In 1977, NASA asked legendary cosmologist Carl Sagan to compose a message to alien life.

Launched into space along with the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts, the Sagan-curated artifact—called the “Golden Record"—was designed to both outlast the human race and explain it to any extra-terrestrial life the Voyagers might encounter in their interstellar journey. The folks over at Vox produced this video showing every image on the Golden Record:

In addition to the images, the Golden Record contains nearly 90 minutes of music. The video above uses one of those tracks: "Dark Was the Night”, a 1927 song by Blind Willie Johnson, which Carl Sagan felt was “haunting and expressive of a kind of cosmic loneliness.”

To learn more about the Golden Record—how aliens would know what to do with it, what else is on it, and where it is now—check out the full article on Vox.

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