The great thing about Twitter is that it gives celebrities and athletes an opportunity to post anything they want whenever they want to the entire world. Did I say great? I meant absolutely horrifying for PR teams. Some athletes have been able to show their great personalities, while others have shown…something a little different. Here are 20 of the funniest, most bizarre, and craziest tweets from MLB players and personalities. Special thanks to Lana Berry for finding several of these gems.

1. Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Clayton Richard was really excited to be on Twitter, but didn’t exactly understand the character limit.

2. Daniel Murphy took over the Mets account for a day and this happened.
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3. Jon Heyman posted a truly incredible hashtag typo
via [DeadSpin](

via DeadSpin

4. Brett Anderson compliments fellow pitcher Zack Greinke’s pitching and amazing hair.
5. Sean Doolittle has his own version of FanDuel.
6. Logan Morrison did not win over many female fans with this tweet.
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via SFGate

7. David Price welcomes Yu Darvish to the team with, you guessed it, a super questionable tweet.
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via BusinessInsider

8. Ozzie Guillen is a seemingly endless well of bizarre tweets, but this one is probably at the top of the list.
9. Peter Gammons shared some words of wisdom with us.

10. The hilarious Brandon McCarthy shares what it’s like on your first day with a new team.
11. Bryce Harper hit a homerun and Julio Teheran didn’t appreciate how long he admired it, so he hit him with his next pitch. That led to the team’s accounts getting into this hilarious Twitter argument.
12. Brian Wilson showed off his top notch Photoshop skills.
13. Chipper Jones thinks Sandy Hook was orchestrated by the government.
via [DeadSpin](

via DeadSpin

14. Chipper Jones also thinks we should use alligators to prevent illegal immigration.

15. Oh, Chipper Jones also wants to fight fans and insult infants.

16. Dodgers pitcher Todd Coffey let his friend’s 14-year-old son use his phone to play games and, instead, he ended up tweeting some strong political opinions.
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via DeadSpin

17. Curt Schilling deleted this awful tweet, for some reason.
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via SBnation

18. After having brain surgery after being hit in the head with a line drive, Brandon McCarthy made the best of a bad situation.
19. And, of course, there’s Jose Canseco.
20. You can’t sum up Canseco’s Twitter account in just one tweet. Just experience it all.

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