There are a score of summaries/reviews/live-blogs of last night’s Academy Awards ceremony on the internet — one might even be confused into thinking that it’s what the internet was invented for (and not to connect the military).

But, really, all you need to know what went down are these 10 not-so-frozen moments.

Benedict Cumberflask knows the only way to get through an evening like this.

Neil Patrick wasn’t overly well served by the Oscars’ writers, even if they did insert him into Star Wars: Episode IV.

Jack Black was bored.

The first of the night’s two highlights: “Everything Is Awesome,” from the un-nominated The LEGO Movie, featured Will Arnett as Thrash Batman and Questlove as, er, Robin?

Oprah, acting good enough to win a Lego Oscar.

Channing Tatum approves.

After the second big highlight — John Legend and Common’s performance of Selma’s anthem, “Glory” — much the crowd, including David Oyelowo and Chris Pine, was brought to tears.

John Travolta wants to eat Idina Menzel’s face.

At one point, Neil Patrick Harris walked out in his underwear. Yes, it was going that badly.

So, how’d NPH do as a host? Not so great.