Like most elections from the schoolyard to the White House, the 2016 presidential election is run more like a game with unseen rules, biases and prejudices as any sixth grader running for president of math (is that a thing?). If you’re feeling a little strung out because of it, and who could blame you, buckle down and color in some of the biggest and weirdest moments of the primaries so far, and turn whoever you want into an alien – we won’t tell.

Remember when the GOP candidates pool was so big they could have become a rap collective?

Early in the primaries cycle, Hillary Clinton dabbed on the Ellen show in an attempt to raise her clout with the millennial crowd.

President George W. Bush has gone on the record as saying he just doesn’t like Ted Cruz’s face, and maybe it’s this “sorry I ate your pet dog when I was supposed to be housesitting” expression that sealed the deal.

A moment that will live on in history – the time the GOP candidates awkwardly lurked in the hallway to the debate hall when they couldn’t hear their named be announced.

In a recent Oregon rally, a bird landed on Senator Bernie Sanders’ podium and sent the entire crowd into anaphylactic shock.

In another world, this was the end of a Shakespearean drama. Jeb Bush’s drop out of the GOP pool just may have put the Bush family’s dynastic American reign to an end.

An early drop-out in the Democratic race for the nomination. Lincoln Chafee is perhaps best known for his physical comparison to an ostrich.

The nation got to see the exact moment former GOP candidate realized what he had done when he endorsed Donald Trump. Color away!