Ahead of the release of Furious 7, Dwayne “We Still Call Him The Rock Because It’s Fun” Johnson returned to the Saturday Night Live stage over the weekend to host the show for the fourth time in 15 years. When he first hit SNL, Johnson was just “The Rock,” and many non-wrestling fans likely only knew him as a catchphrase-spouting hulk who adorned the t-shirts of kids at the mall. Johnson proved that night, though, that he wasn’t just game for comedy; he was good at it, and more appearances followed.

For his fourth show, Johnson again proved that he was willing to get as silly as it takes to hit the comedy jugular, happily throwing himself into the SNL melee for what’s likely one of the best shows of the 40th season. Check out his best work from the episode below.

Johnson kicked off the show by returning as the hulking representation of what happens when you make Barack Obama angry, and while it might have been a bit predictable, watching him throw John Boehner (Taran Killam) through a window was beautiful schadenfreude.

Yes, Johnson has noticed that he has a habit of popping up in franchise sequels and causing them to magically get more awesome, so for his monologue on Saturday, he offered a little musical message to movie studios: He’s ready to add badass to basically any franchise you want to try … except a Smurfs movie.

It was the night before Wrestlemania, and SNL took advantage with a sketch featuring Johnson not as The Rock, but as a mullet-sporting wrestler who went way too far to get inside the head of his opponent (Bobby Moynihan).

Jumping on the trend of live-action re-imaginings of Disney animated classics, this sketch casts Johnson as that most lovable of forest creatures: Bambi, who’s out to get revenge on the hunters who took his mother from him. Jay Pharoah nearly stole the show as Tyrese Gibson, but Johnson nails the sketch’s best moment with “Deer Crossing, Motherfucker!”

It’s a simple setup: Johnson is an Indiana Jones-style adventurer trying to retrieve an artifact in a jungle, and Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson are his assistants. Then the natives show up with their poison darts, and … well, you kinda just need to watch.

OK, this sketch has nothing to do with Johnson, but if you watched the HBO documentary series The Jinx, you have to see it for Kate McKinnon’s scary good imitation of Robert Durst.