Soccer with rocket-boosted cars is about to get serious when Rocket League gets its next patch.

That’s when developer Psyonix will start the game’s first competitive season, which will reset all the player rankings in the game so far. If you’ve been kicking trick goals and flying for clutch saves in the game for the last couple months, the bad news is that your hard-fought rank number will get reset. But the good news is, everyone has a chance to start fresh on even standing with everyone who plays the game. Psyonix says the patch will be released in “less than two weeks.”

Along with new rankings for everyday players, the patch will add a bunch of improvements, like the ability for players on PC to filter out players on Playstation 4 from their games at their discretion, a music player that lets you switch through Rocket League’s tracks, and some fixes to known issues that should make the game easier to play in general. They probably won’t make you any better at the game, but at least you can more easily listen to the game’s sweet soundtrack.

While regular players are getting their ranks reset, pro players are hitting the virtual pitch in Major League Gaming’s first Rocket League pro league season. All through September, pros will compete matches, with the International Rocket League finals taking place on Oct. 10. The last Rocket League tournament finals came down to a phenomenal, last-seconds-and-beyond finish—so the first pro season is probably worth tuning in for.

The full Season 1 schedule is available on the MLG website.