No, the news that Angry Birds was becoming a feature film was not just part of some bizarre dream you had that time you accidentally double-dosed yourself with NyQuil. It’s a real thing, and the first trailer arrived today to prove it.

As easy as it is to be cynical about the commodification behind making a movie out of a an almost-plotless game you used to play on the train to work, this actually looks like it might be fun. There’s a little bit of a hint at the inevitable Birds vs. Pigs war, but it mostly focuses on the birds and their anger issues, or lack thereof. What really makes it promising, though, is the voice cast. It’s a Murderer’s Row of comic talent ranging from Jason Sudeikis to Keegan-Michael Key to Bill Hader. Angry Birds is so packed with stars that you have to think they’ll be able to drag some laughs out of even the worst script.

Angry Birds arrives next summer, and by then the Candy Crush movie will no doubt be in very active development.