Every guy goes through his electric razor phase. And for a lot of men, that’s all it ever is: a phase. While quick and convenient, cheap electric razors—those inexpensive drug-store models most guys try out during their teens or 20s—tend to break down or blunt within a few months. Many also leave a guy’s skin feeling abused or abraded.

But it’s 2016. And if you haven’t tried one of today’s premium electric razors, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Convenience aside, many offer a shave that’s legitimately smoother, closer, and more comfortable than anything you’d get from a safety razor. Here are five that are worth your money.

$256, amazon.com
Featuring “intelligent synchrosonic technology”—basically, tiny vibrations—that lift and cut hair more efficiently in hard-to-hit nooks, this German-made shaver is tested to last an absurd 50,000 shaves. (That’s 136 years, assuming you shave daily.) Its near microscopic blades are arrayed to cross cut in different directions, ensuring a close shave no matter how—or how thick—your hair grows.

$200, amazon.com
The three-headed shaver has long been a hit for Philips, and the newest iteration steps up the shaver’s game in terms of closeness and comfort. Each of its three disc-shaped heads can move independently in eight directions, ensuring a close shave.

$279, amazon.com
The five blades of this sleek shaver complete tens of thousands of “cross-cutting actions” per minute, so you can hit those hard-to-shave areas—your chin, the underside of your jaw—in fewer passes.

$185, amazon.com
While it doesn’t have quite the blade volume or power as the Series 9, this beauty will easily get the job done for most men. If you’ve only ever used a cheap electric, you’ll be shocked at how effortlessly this shaver glides through your beard or stubble.

$65, amazon.com
Easily the cheapest shaver on this list, the Arc3 requires a few more passes, and it struggles a bit with super-thick stubble. But if you’re looking for a close, affordable shave, it’s a solid buy.

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