With the impending launch of the new Destiny expansion called “The Taken King,” the game will soon be filled with new players who never got to experience some of the more, uh, interesting aspects of the first year of Bungie’s shared-world first-person shooter. One thing in particular many players will never understand is a certain cave in a slightly out-of-the-way place in one of Destiny’s early levels. There, a strange monument stands—a pile of enemy bodies that, if you get close, triggers a dark, whispered message.

Redditor sradac created a thread to inquire as to what this weird location was all about. Of course, this player was new, and those who had been with Destiny all along knew far too well the story of the cave. So they took the opportunity to mess with sradac a bit.

The real story of the cave is that it was the site of some rather ignoble activities. In the early days of Destiny, finding rare items was frustratingly difficult, but this particular cave popped out enemies at an abnormally high rate. Players would stand well back from the cave and fire into it as enemies poured out, then, after a few minutes, run inside and pick up a huge mess of items the bad guys had dropped. But even if they got a rare item drop from the cave, they’d have to return to the Tower, basically Destiny’s in-game mall, to “decrypt” it to get a useable item. And often the actual weapon or piece of armor wound up being worthless, common junk, much to everyone’s shared frustration and internet meme creation.

Guardians (the characters Destiny players control) spent hours standing before this “Loot Cave,” much to the chagrin of developer Bungie, who had intended for players to “actually play the game” to get these items. The Loot Cave, as it came to be called, was eventually killed in a patch, and the drop rate for random items increased a bit so that players would feel less of a need to do things like stand still and shoot into a hole. Bungie left the pile of corpses at the cave as an inside joke for long-time players.

Of course, players on the Reddit thread had some great responses when questioned about the infamous cave, like this one from NorseFenrir:

“Be warned, Guardians. Many go in search of another fabled Loot Cave to replace that which was lost, but rarely are they satisfied…. We must never forget our hubris, for it was our own downfall. For we did not play the game as the great Lord Bun-Gie intended, and lo, we were punished duly.”

Or this one, from Redditor syhr_ryhs, which is full of yet more inside jokes that only hardcore Destiny players will understand:

“Yea though we walk through the cave of death and fear not the glow of the Engram or the twinkle of the orbs, I am comforted for my hand cannon and sniper are at my side. But woe commeth my brothers; that which was legendary shall be laid low, that which was purple shall fade to white when the King commeth nigh. Those that brought fate, those that drank from the horn, those that pricked their fingers on the thorn of the rose, those that hunted with Hawk in hand, those that brought death with your word shall now only drink the dust of heaven’s mill stones and eat only the unrevealed shards of ascension till the end of days.”

And don’t worry—even sradac seemed to have a good time, despite being outed as a “Kinderguardian” by his grizzled, jaded peers.