Long gone are the days when you can easily sneak in booze to concerts and festivals through half-assed security lines. And if you’re not into doing drugs or smoking weed, you pretty much are stuck buying $15 cans of PBR or staying sober. Cue The Boozie, a hoodie that literally doubles as a flask and conveniently (and secretively) transports 20 ounces of whatever liquid you want.

Where was this incredible contraption when I was annoyingly sober and sad at Coachella?

With two hidden “bladders” inside the hood, you sip your stash through the specially designed straws that are hidden in the drawstrings that fall right next to your face. Which is actually smart if you’re known for having a habit on chewing on those. The Boozie creators claim the sipping method is also drip free with two soft, bite valves at the end.

If you need this hoodie flask in your life, founders Nic Goans and Kevin Posch are raising funds through Kickstarter to bring the clever sweatshirt to the flask market. Or fashion market? I guess it’s however you want to look at it.

H/T Laughing Squid

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at Playboy. She really needs this in her life. Follow her on Twitter.