With the enormous diversity of brews coming out of America’s current craft beer renaissance, it’s a shame that our beertails are still largely based on the bland light-lagers of decades past. We wanted to solve that problem by featuring some of our favorite beertails every week, starting with a distant, back-woods cousin of the Old Fashioned.

The Bour-Bridge elevates everything that’s already damn good in a malty, meaty American IPA. The bourbon amplifies the toasty boldness of the beer, while the fresh-squeezed orange, sugar, and bitters return the rightful balance of the IPA’s unwavering citrus hop-profile. Smooth as sweet tea and strong as NASCAR fandom, consider sipping a Bour-Bridge (preferably, through missing teeth) on a humid summer’s night while a Willie Nelson record blares in the background.

1 ½ shot bourbon
Juice of ½ an orange
1 sugar cube
2 dash bitters
8 oz. malty, citrusy IPA—Suggestions: Lagunitas IPA, Two Hearted Ale, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed or Jai Alai IPA