Ratty Converse Chuck Taylors are an essential part of any teenage punk rocker’s costume. And I say this as a former card-carrying teenage punk rocker. But because I was extra cool in 2002, my teenage punk rocker friends and I didn’t just wear Chucks—we also wrote punk rock lyrics on them. I wish you could just accept this as fact, but fine, I’ll show you the proof.

Because all teenage punk rockers inevitably turn into nostalgia hoarders, I still have my ratty 15-year-old Chucks with lyrics scribbled all over them:

That says, “Well I’m half awake and half a world away.” And you know what? I WAS half awake and half a world away in 10th grade. It’s a Less Than Jake lyric, because I loved the Florida ska band, but not enough to tattoo their words on my body—just scrawl ‘em on my shoes. Now that you know what old-ass, ska-tainted Chucks look like, you’ll have an even deeper appreciation for what the NEW, beautiful Chucks with Nike look like:



These updates feature Nike’s patented Flyknit technology, a knitted, high-strength fiber fabric that make the shoes way more breathable and way less rubbery.

They’re available starting April 27 in six sleek colors, including grey, white and blue, and retail for $110. Of course, I could also mail you my dirty old size 11’s for like half that much. Your call.