If you’re a lush, this simple invention is for you. Soon you’ll be able to easily drink in public and pass for your average put-together working stiff.

Feast your eyes on the Lolo Lid, a contraption that appears as a disposable coffee cup to the outside observer but is in fact a special lid designed to clasp around the top of a beer can. It will completely obscure your brew from judge-y people and law enforcement. Incidentally, it creates an insulation chamber between the can and the cup, keeping your beer cold.

The lid’s creator is a man named Jerry Mcarthur, a Canadian surfer who believes America would be a more just and fair country if people could drink in public like Europeans. The Lolo Lid is an attempt to make those dreams a reality, as expressed in its promotional Kickstarter video.

Courtesy of Lolo Lids

Courtesy of Lolo Lids

The Kickstarter runs through September 24 and very close to reaching its funding goal. With any luck, the lids will be publicly available as soon as next February.

Go ahead, order one–we won’t judge you.