By now, we’re all familiar with the fuckboy. He’s that despicable brand of 21st century male who routinely keeps women around for sex while playing devious mind games, often giving her the impression that they’re exclusive—or soon will be—when he actually has no intention of locking it down. He may also have a tendency to wear longline T-shirts with boldly emblazoned Adidas, no matter how archetypal his sartorial choice may be. But it would appear that we’ve finally grown tired of the fuckboy and his predictable antics. And, as with most dating trends (Tinder, meet Raya, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel), something new has come to step in its place.

This “something new” is the cuckboy. He’s the guy who, as MEL Magazine has asserted, “buys you a one-year recurring monthly donation to Planned Parenthood for Valentine’s Day.” He’s the “male feminist who makes fun of male feminists who publicly identify as male feminists” and “tells his girlfriend that he loves that she doesn’t shave her armpits, but is secretly glad she shaves her legs.”

Essentially, the cuckboy is a progressive, open-minded male who, like the hipster before him, would never identify as such. Where fuckboys are more modern versions of the proverbial douchebag, the cuckboy is an intellectual one. But because of his leftist beliefs, some view the newfangled cuckboy as a lesser man. According to Urban Dictionary, a cuckboy is a “weak, feckless, spineless, and decidedly pathetic specimen of manliness.”

The word cuckboy is a descendant of the word cuckold, itself derived from cuckoo birds, which lay eggs in another’s nest. The world originally described the ignorant, submissive husband of an adulterous wife. By 2016, the term had been reappropriated to represent something else entirely after the alt-right began using it as a generic way to label someone as weak. (If you ever see “you cuck!” in a comments section, this is what that means.) The term has since grown to more or less label anybody who doesn’t support President Donald Trump. Essentially, the term and its meaning was completely scrapped for a newer, politicized version; one that would further evolve to challenge men’s masculinity based not only on his sexual interests, but also his political beliefs.

Let’s unpack the word a little more. A man who isn’t opposed to pegging would be considered a cuckboy because anal sex is shrouded in homophobia. Likewise, a man who believes women are deserving of every right men have are also considered cucks, because “giving power” to women is, of course, anti-masculine.

The cuckboy is not without his faults. While he’s more educated and considerate than the masses, the cuckboy also knows that his socialist perspective might dampen women’s panties. He’s vocal in his political beliefs because he knows knowledge has the potential to turn a lady on. He’s a man who genuinely believes in what he stands for, but also knows that it could get him laid. His favorite Justice League hero is the short-lived U.N. ambassador Wonder Woman and he loves Samantha Bee.

The cuckboy was most definitely at the Women’s March and has posed as a feminist ally, knowing his presence there will aid in his efforts to get laid. He’s not quite an opportunist, because his heart’s in the right place, but he’s pretty damn close. The cuckboy has definitely eaten ass because pussy is “so 2016,” and he most definitely wore a “The Future is Female” t-shirt to work on International Women’s Day.

So there you have it: Fuckboys, your 15 minutes are up. Now it’s time for the cuckboy to step in and wreak havoc on the dating scene by taking advantage of our tempestuous political climate. (In case you missed it, SNL recently tackled this famously; watch below.) Good luck out there.