Last week I had a hot date. I cooked her dinner at my apartment, but the evening took a sour turn when she insisted on helping me make the salad and cut her finger badly. I checked my medicine cabinet and found only a few old bandages. I had to take her to the emergency room for a cut that I probably could have treated with the right materials and a little know-how. What basic first aid supplies should I have on hand for future emergencies?**

– M.C., Watertown, New York

****Unless you’re dating women who are accident prone or you’re a klutz yourself, you can get by with ibuprofen and aspirin, a few disposable, instant-activating ice bags, bandages and gauze pads of various sizes, antibiotic ointment and tweezers. To avoid other potential disasters, we’d add antacids, an antihistamine, contact lens solution, an extra toothbrush, lubricant and condoms.