Considering Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, in theaters everywhere August 22, depicts a world of street-hardened criminals, beaten-down cops of dubious morals and a literal army of prostitutes who could tear the whole place to shreds, if they so desired, as film casts go, this one is understandably loaded with killer female talent as vast and richly appointed as the series’ source material. We’ve rarely come across a roster of notable actresses as diverse as this; for every independent screen queen there’s a veteran Hollywood star, and up-and-comers from both worlds fill out the ranks. From the fresh faces to the unforgettable ones, let’s learn a little something about these dames to kill for, shall we?


As Nancy Callahan, Sin City’s resident stripper with a heart of gold, Jessica Alba delivers some of the series’ sexiest and most disturbing scenes, often at the same time. Considering the character’s kidnap-y backstory, it’s a testament to Alba’s talents and born-with-it good looks that Nancy comes off as a hopeful survivor rather than damaged goods. But if the red band trailer is anything to go on, we can expect the sexier-than-ever Alba to shed her good girl costume and try something a little crazier on for size. Achtung, baby!


Hailing from France, Eva Green is no stranger to the sexier side of the silver screen. Her debut film role in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 2003 uber-erotic tale of self-discovery, The Dreamers, set screens on fire and the vampy brunette hasn’t looked back, with attention-grabbing appearances in Casino Royale and the recent 300 sequel. Her latest role as the titular dame to kill for, Ava Lord, has Green making headlines again: her bust-baring character poster was deemed too revealing by the MPAA, while TV network ABC recently declined to run a spot for the film in which the French femme fatale’s buff body was concealed by little more than a few wisps of steam. If you weren’t already excited to see the film…


Never one to shy away from a controversial film role, acclaimed screen beauty Rosario Dawson returns to Sin City as dominatrix and leader of the Girls of Old Town (the aforementioned army of prostitutes), Gail. Fiercely sexy in a way few other actresses even attempt to emulate, Dawson’s Gail brings the men of Sin City to their knees with ease. Decked out in studded leather, fishnet stockings and little else, we’ve got an idea about the source of her power, and it’s not the machine gun she’s constantly waving around. Bang, you’re dead.


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For marks the sixth collaboration between Alexa PenaVega and codirector Robert Rodriguez. PenaVega lit up the screen as a prostitute with a knack for revenge killing in the pair’s 2013 grindhouse hit Machete Kills. If the sexy red band trailer for their latest artistic partnership is any indication, the up-and-coming starlet returns to the screen in a similar capacity, as an exotic dancer alongside Jessica Alba’s Nancy Callahan. Details about her role are scarce, but we’ll be on the edge of our seats to find out what Sin City has in store for this actress who’s ready for her time in the spotlight.


Another star on the rise, Jamie Chung takes over the role of Miho, Old Town’s much-feared defender, in the upcoming sequel, and while the diminutive actress cuts a fine figure in her big-screen action scenes, the only thing sharper than her looks is the edge of her samurai blade. Predators of Sin City, beware: mess with this badass and you’re likely to lose an appendage or two. With a solid list of hit films under her belt, the sky’s the limit for this high-flying babe.