Inspired by the runaway success of the Cronut, entrepreneur Liam Bennett started thinking about other donut-like combinations he could create, trademark and sell by the truckload. He settled on jam as a filling and meat as the vessel, and thus, the Dausage was born.

Flavors such as “pork with mulled jam wrapped in bacon” and “venison with strawberry custard” make up the current roster of Dausage products, as well as a vegetarian Dausage and a Dausage roll.

Liam told Wales Online that while he’s measuring interest from supermarket chains, for now he’s focusing on how best to create and market his product by taking it around to food festivals in the U.K.



Sadly, the Dausage is yet to be fully realized, and Liam needs your help. He’s launched a Kickstarter to fund the creation of a jam-injecting machine so that he can distribute his meaty tubes of sweet filling.

We fully support this abomination. Let’s save England’s ass again, and show it the American way of truth, justice and shoving one delicious food inside of another!