New York City is a disaster zone-slash-battleground-slash-terrorism ground zero in publisher Ubisoft’s upcoming The Division, where players take on the roles of special sleeper agents whose job is to keep the peace, or fight paramilitary gangsters, or…something.

What’s the deal with these secret government agents who suddenly spring into action in the heart New York? That’s the focus off Ubisoft’s new live action short film set in The Division’s universe, dubbed “Agent Origins.” The trailer above gives a sense of how crappy things have become by the time the game kicks off in March, and the series looks into the backgrounds of agents similar to those that players will control.

You can check out the first episode on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel or see all four pieces combined into a 30-minute short if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. If you wanna know about the folks who will save New York society by shooting folks and using drones and whatnot, check ’em out.

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