By now players of The Division have probably fought their way through just about everything lawless, virally contaminated New York City has to offer. And at just a little over a month from the game’s release, ‘The Division’ is getting what will probably be its best, most difficult content: “Incursions.”

Players familiar with Destiny or games like World of Warcraft will know The Division’s incursions by the name “raids,” but the point is the same—they’re big missions that can only be handled by coordinated teams of players, and while they’ll likely kick your ass a few times, completing them unlocks the best weapons and armor in the game.

The first of The Division’s incursions, “Falcon Lost,” drops today in a new update for the game, and has players taking out tough baddies in a water treatment plant. There are new gear sets to find to make characters even stronger, but more likely the best part of the mission will be the difficulty. Like in Destiny, the more challenging a mission like this is, the more exciting it is for players to get together and fight their way through it. And The Division is way better with friends already.

The update brings a few other changes, too, most notably to the “Dark Zone.” The Division already has a pretty good thing going for players who have finished the story of the game, such as it is, with its Dark Zone, where players can run around and find cool stuff in a place where there are basically no rules (and where they can kill and steal from each other). The Incursion update adds a new flavor to the madness of the Dark Zone with special supply drops.

Normally, players have to fight to extract the cool stuff they find in the Dark Zone by helicopter, which means a desperate last stand against enemies and other players who might want to rip you off. The supply drops, on the other hand, are a race for the new stuff before other people get to it. It sounds like Ubisoft Massive, the developer behind the game, is trying to push players into getting a little more violent with one another.

The best news is, the Incursions update is free and automatic, so players should expect to check out The Division’s new content as soon as they can download it.