New York has suffered a massive viral outbreak in The Division, sending infrastructure and government programs into collapse, so of course every other person left in the city picked up an AK-47, joined a gang and went nuts.

That’s the story this launch trailer tells, anyway. With New York a mess, the government has activated The Division, which apparently is a series of domestic sleeper cells ready to respond to insane crises of an unpredictable nature. New York is basically a warzone, and it’s your job to save it. Also those aren’t hoodie-wearing looters trying to keep themselves alive after being all but abandoned by their government, they’re definitely super-evil criminals who deserve to be shot.

Goofy setup aside, with Bungie’s Destiny currently in a content lull, The Division might be the social shooter that steps in to fill the gap. It’s all about getting friends together to shoot dudes and find better gear with which to shoot more dudes. Not sure if The Division’s formula can stand up against, uh, aliens, but given the huge number of players who recently checked out its pre-release beta, you never know.