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You don’t need 27 blades and a subscription service to get a close shave. New versions of the redoubtably sleek safety razor give a design-worthy spin to the classic shaving implement. Unlike plastic razors, which can require excessive pressure, weightier metal razors do most of the work for you. And after the somewhat pricier start-up cost, double-edged blades are mere pocket change in comparison with expensive and elaborate cartridges. Plus, any one of these razors will look good on the bathroom counter when you inevitably leave it out.—Vincent Boucher

The limited-edition R106 safety razor by Mühle of Germany features a minimalist black handle and chrome-plated trim to suit the modernist at heart. ($70,

With polished chrome plating to update its old-school origins, this safety razor by Baxter of California will be a bright spot in your morning routine. ($65,

A little bling brings baller style to this gold-finished 34G heavy-duty classic safety razor from Merkur of Germany; it boasts a thick, nonslip grip to boot. ($51,