Fans are already digging into photos and videos of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and discovering hidden messages and Easter Eggs within.

Nintendo showed off a bunch of new footage of the game this week at E3 2016 in Los Angeles and offered anybody who made it out to the convention a chance to actually play it. Scouring the footage, fans saw glyphs scattered throughout the game. Turns out they’re “Hylian,” the fictional language of the fictional land of Hyrule, and in previous games, these things spelled out actual English words.

Banding together on forums like NeoGAF, fans did what they do best—they figured out the weirdo puzzle with which they were presented. After discovering the phrase “The Legend of Zelda” in one block of code, they were able to translate more and more, discovering hidden messages and descriptions, and even a meme.

Soon there was a working alphabet key, thanks to GAF member RagnarokX, and that’s helping fans to figure out more letters and translate more words. Applying that to screens from the video and demo, they’re finding a lot of interesting stuff. Mostly the words on objects are just descriptions of what they are, like “goal point” above, or “dungeon.”

Not this one, though.

This one’s a reference to the “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” meme.

Sneaky, Nintendo. Very sneaky.

Via Kotaku

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