Ahhh beer, one of America’s favorite pastimes. We don’t only like drinking it, we also enjoy arguing about it.

Thanks to geodata from our friends at Ranker, we can analyze voting from over 57,000 beer-drinkers on their Best Beers List and determine which states favor which beers. You won’t find many mass-produced lagers on this list, but then again, you won’t find many crafty IPAs either. There’s something for everyone here, as long as you like frosty cold ones.

Alabama: Murphy’s Irish Stout
Alaska: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Arizona: Guinness
Arkansas: Fat Tire
California: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Colorado: Fat Tire
Connecticut: Blue Moon
Delaware: Chimay White
Florida: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Georgia: Pilsner Urquell
Hawaii: Guinness
Idaho: Stella Artois
Illinois: Guinness
Indiana: Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Iowa: Guinness
Kansas: Guinness
Kentucky: Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Louisiana: Pilsner Urquell
Maine: Labatt Blue
Maryland: Sierra Nevada
Massachusetts: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Michigan: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Minnesota: Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Mississippi: Guinness
Missouri: Guinness
Montana: Stella Artois
Nebraska: Guinness
Nevada: Stone Brewing Co Arrogant Bastard Ale
New Hampshire: Guinness
New Jersey: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
New Mexico: Yuengling Premium Beer
New York: Guinness
North Carolina: Guinness
North Dakota: Fat Tire
Ohio: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Oklahoma: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Oregon: Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Pennsylvania: Guinness
Rhode Island: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
South Carolina: Fat Tire
South Dakota: Guinness
Tennessee: Fat Tire
Texas: Blue Moon
Utah: Fat Tire
Vermont: Guinness
Virginia: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Washington: Guinness
West Virginia: Blue Moon
Wisconsin: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Wyoming: Stella Artois