The newly released Doom is a super-speedy game, channeling the 1990s shooter feel of tearing through levels at high speed, leveling everything in your path. And it already has a world-record “speed run” to see just how quickly it can be beaten.

YouTuber DraQu has grabbed what’s considered the first record, with a run through the entirety of Doom in just 89 minutes, 56.4 seconds. It means doing a lot of little tricks, like finding glitches and exploits in the game to slip through walls or take paths that most people can’t access in order to shave off precious seconds.

DraQu’s run is on the easiest difficulty of Doom, which means he’s flying through most of the game without too much danger in the interest of time. (Ratchet up Doom’s difficulty and things get dicey in a hurry, however.) He’s also skipping over seeking out Doom’s secrets, which might be the best part of the game. But what the run does show is a ton of skill being exercise in the “blasting demons” department, since so many of Doom’s battles are just big rooms full of bad guys. Killing all of them as quickly as possible is almost more art than science.

It’s also only going to get better. There will undoubtedly be more speed runners ripping their way through Mars and Hell before long, so surely there will be even more amazing and ridiculous runs to watch coming soon.

Via Destructoid