This is a week full of prequels that double as sequels, from Harper Lee’s second-but-actually-first novel to a follow-up to Avengers: Age of Ultron that’s been in the works since before Iron Man. As retrofuturist rockers Tame Impala sang, it feels like we only go backwards.

The “second novel” by Harper Lee involves the adult Scout Finch, but it was actually written before To Kill a Mockingbird (which was itself rewritten extensively for two-and-a-half years); the manuscript was believed lost for decades, and rediscovered sometime in the past few years. It’s probably not a masterpiece, but it will illuminate one for sure. (July 14)

James Stokoe’s previous Godzilla comic, Half-Century War, was a magnificent piece of landscape-smashing kaiju madness, and this one seems like an even better excuse for Stokoe to draw jaw-droppingly detailed tableaux of an atomic lizard wreaking havoc. (Stokoe also contributes a few guest pages to this week’s Secret Wars spinoff Siege #1.) (July 15)

Stan Lee has been waving the flag for a movie about his tiniest co-creation for decades, and now he’s got one: Ant-Man is the most whimsical of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, a heist comedy that’s been in development since 2006. Paul Rudd stars as the size-changing superhero who’s kind of a jerk; the cast also includes Judy Greer and T.I. (July 17)

Comedian Tig Notaro suddenly got much more famous after a legendary 2012 standup performance, focused on her worst month ever, that began “Hello. I have cancer.” This Netflix documentary tracks the subsquent year of Notaro’s life; Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifiankis provide additional comedy bona-fides. (July 17)

Kevin Parker’s Australian psychedelic rock band has been touring behind the songs on their third album for a few months now, and they’re something of a new direction for Tame Impala: smooth, dreamy, groove-centered, almost in Flaming Lips territory at times. Crazily catchy, too: check out their ridiculous video for “‘Cause I’m a Man,” above. (July 17)