It’s a minds-and-machines kind of week, with both Bloomberg Businessweek and Pixar offering digitally mediated takes on how thinking works, Batgirl fighting crime while glued to her iPhone, and Giorgio Moroder returning with a bank of sequencers to declare that “74 Is the New 24.”

The godfather of electro-disco (he produced most of Donna Summer’s biggest hits) hasn’t especially altered his style in the 30 years since his last solo album, fortunately. Now in his seventies, he’s come all the way back into fashion. Britney Spears (singing Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”), Kylie Minogue, Sia and Charli XCX all put in guest appearances here. (June 16)

Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr’s take on Batgirl as a “viral vigilante” is fresh, playful and stylish. In this DC Comics collection of the team’s first six issues, she’s a selfie-taking superheroine in Doc Martens Bat-boots, kicking villainous butt in Gotham City’s suburb of Burnside — which shares its name with the main drag in Portland, Oregon. (June 17)

This summer’s Pixar animated film is a trip through the psyche of an 11-year-old girl who’s just moved to San Francisco; its main characters are, in fact, her personified emotions. (Joy is played by Amy Poehler, Fear by Bill Hader.) Early reports suggest that it’s heavy on the surrealist giggles. Expect to see lots of Abstract Emotional States costumes this Halloween. (June 19)

Writer Nic Pizzolato’s HBO crime drama is an anthology series, which means that Matthew McConaughy’s Rust Cohle and Woody Harrelson’s Marty Hart won’t be back for its second season. Instead, this year’s cast includes Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams; the first two episodes are directed by Justin Lin, who also directed Fast & Furious 3 through 6. (June 21)

The 38,000-word cover story of the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek is an utterly fascinating exploration of coding, software, data, apps and what all of them have to do with business and, well, life. Naturally, the online version has a lot more features built into it. Set aside an afternoon for this one.