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The Five Spot: Entertainment To Put in Your Brain This Week

The Five Spot: Entertainment To Put in Your Brain This Week: Bella Thorne in 'Scream'

Bella Thorne in 'Scream'

Would Apple Music sound better on one of Neil Young’s PonoPlayers? Who would win in a fight: a Terminator T-3000 or Bhima from the Mahabarata? Would Taylor Swift survive a television spinoff of a horror movie? This is an excellent week for considering deep questions.

Apple’s long-awaited streaming music service is entering a playing field that’s already pretty crowded, so expect lots of exclusive content, at least at the beginning. Yes, T-Swift is gonna be on it — although the speed with which that particular deal was resolved is unusual enough that you have to wonder if it was a pre-planned stunt. (June 30)

Ghostface, or someone like him, is at it again, as the self-aware serial-killer movie franchise becomes a weekly series on MTV. Will Willa Fitzgerald’s lead character be the Final Girl? Will Bella Thorne reappear after getting bumped off in the first episode? Will anyone be foolhardy enough to say “I’ll be right back”? (June 30)

Donald Trump’s misappropriation of “Rockin’ in the Free World” earlier this month couldn’t have been better timed to promote Young’s new collection of protest songs, most of them directed at Monsanto, Starbucks, Walmart, and so forth. The band includes two of Willie Nelson’s sons; the lyrics make “This Note’s for You” sound subtle. (June 30)

The franchise reboots with this low-key, tender romantic comedy about the epistolary flirtation between Sarah Connor (Emelia Clarke) and a cybernetic killing machine who is once again played by Arnie. YESSSS. (Also: the “romantic comedy” thing may not be totally true.) Some IMAX theaters will precede it with an exclusive game for mobile devices. (July 1)

Comic book luminary Morrison has been working on various iterations of this adaptation of the Mahabarata since at least 2008 — there was a script-and-art book published five years ago, and an animated web series (above) — but this appears to be a straightforward comic book, with artist Jeevan Kang (Spider-Man: India), and the first issue’s one dollar. (July 1)

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