The things you liked in your youth will haunt you forever, from the modernized Muppets to the hard-plastic pop-culture icons mashed into each other in LEGO Dimensions. Imagine what will happen when the kids watching Adventure Time today discover the brain-melting comics that designer Michael DeForge worked on alongside Finn and Jake’s exploits.

Is there such a thing as a mock-mockumentary? ABC’s new iteration of the deeply felt franchise is a shakycam reality show about the Muppets’ offstage lives, revolving around the production of the talk show Up Late with Miss Piggy. This debut episode guest-stars Imagine Dragons, Elizabeth Banks and Tracy Anderson. (Above: the adorable 10-minute “mini-pilot.”) (Sep. 22)

The Canadian artist Michael DeForge’s magnificently unsettling comics overlay psychedelic body horror with absurd, quotidian anxiety fantasies; he’s also a designer for Adventure Time. This week, he releases the seventh issue of his one-man anthology Lose, as well as Dressing, a collection of odds and ends from the past few years. (Sep. 23)

Bat for Lashes singer/multi-instrumentalist Natasha Khan has put together this new band with the members of the British group Toy. Their debut album is covers of half a dozen hippie-psych songs from Iran (including “Helelyos,” above), Morocco and Thailand, as well as Skip Spence’s “War in Peace,” all recorded in a single day. (Sep. 25)

The legendary new wave band has a revised lineup for their first new recordings in a decade: bassist Peter Hook is out, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert is back. The two singles released so far suggest that they’re remarkably well-preserved: “Plastic” (above), built around Giorgio Moroder-style synths, would have fit in just fine on Technique 25 years ago. (Sep. 25)

Part of The LEGO Movie’s genius was that it managed to get a whole lot of unrelated franchises to play nice with each other, so this new PS/Wii U/Xbox game ups the ante: the starter pack teams up Batman and Gandalf, and all 12 Doctors Who, the crew of the Mystery Machine, and Marty McFly (voiced by Michael J. Fox himself) will all turn up. (Sep. 27)