Game of Thrones has, like The Walking Dead and Star Wars (again), reached a pop culture phenomenon status so great that you can buy just about anything with the show’s characters and emblems stamped on it. The show’s merchandising grew well beyond t-shirts long ago, and now you can buy everything from drinkware to repica weapons to a robe that declares you to be Khaleesi (you know, for those really stressful spa days). Now, just when you thought there could be no more official merchandise left to dream up, it’s time for the official coloring book.

This week Random House, which publishes the A Song of Ice and Fire series on which the TV show is based, released the “official” A Game of Thrones coloring book (meaning it’s adapted from the books, not the show, but come on…we know who’s buying this), which you can pick up in paperback now. The book features black and white illustrations from a number of artists depicting house sigils, landscapes and scene from Martin’s first ASoIaF novel, along with quotes, so you can color to your heart’s content while impatiently waiting for the sixth book to come out.

I know several adults who love coloring. They find it soothing, which is good, because watching an episode of Game of Thrones is anything but.