The recent games by developer Telltale focus on choices you make and how you can influence the story, and in the studio’s Game of Thrones game, like in the show, everything you do has the potential to come back and bite you in the ass further down the line.

With the trailer for the game’s finale episode, which is available today, Telltale is going back through all the big, potentially deadly choices and showing where the majority of players landed. The trailer shows a little bit of aftermath from each decision based on the majority vote, and it’s all hinting at a final chapter where every raven will finally come home to roost. People are likely to die, but will your decisions along the way mean the end of House Forrester?

Probably not, given that Telltale’s games, reactive though they are to choices, still have plot points to get through. But you might feel awfully responsible for bad decisions along the way, and the people who get murdered because of them.