The E3 convention is the place where top video game publishers and accessory manufacturers reveal and advertise their upcoming……oh come on, it’s the event where you get to play games! If you’re lucky or rich enough to get a pass, you get 3 glorious days to play untouched never before seen video games!

Why so serioussssss? Batman Arkham Knight’s dark world is all too familiar to this gamer. Bring on the night. Forever

Full Frontal Just Dance 2016 has a new collection of hip-hop, rock and J-Pop. This guy is letting you know that Uptown Funk is gonna give it to you.

There’s something on the ceiling! VR Games will make the players swing their heads around for seemingly no external reason. Or maybe Sony’s Rigs is putting this player to sleep?

Confused Concentration Mirrors Edge produces confusion in this gamer because she thought she was at the Batman booth.

A Piranha Plant shooting cannons whaaaaat? The new Super Mario Maker blends enemies together in ways that give this gamer the WTF face.

Street Fighter O Face This gamer is losing her match at Street Fighter V and having a great time doing it.

Gang Beasts bloodshed the creatures of Gang Beasts are scrappy, but they are no match for an overpass headed towards them as they fight on top of a speeding truck.

And now a PSA from friends don’t let friends choose the Spin Doctors’ “Little Miss Can’t be Wrong" as their Rock Band 4 song