A silent coup has begun, and no I’m not talking about a plot to overthrow the government. There is currently a Texas man who seeks to oust the official state cuisine of Texas which is currently chili, and replace it with tacos. Everyone who has been to Texas, and in particular Austin, knows that Tacos are a staple of the Texas diet. From Migas to breakfast taco, to street tacos, tacos adorn the state’s food culture.

In 1977 however, the official food of the state was deemed the ever famous Texas Chili by the state legislature. The man leading the effort, Mando Rayo, believes that the sheer ubiquitousness of tacos makes a compelling argument alone. On his change.org petition, he says tacos can be found in not just at Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants, but also at food trucks, trailers, gas stations, Asian food places, barbecue joints and even All-American restaurants.

Rayo is a bona fide taco expert, having travelled all across Texas sampling tacos for his aptly titled book Tacos Of Texas. Tough job but someone had to do it.

During the gathering of expertise, he has also brought historical facts to the taco takeover. When speaking to the Texas Standard, he said that tacos “were not imported here. They’re from here. They’re from this land.” C'mon guys, Texas used to be Mexico so let’s stick to historical roots.

Currently, his petition has 871 supporters, just 129 shy of the 1,000 necessary to reach the state legislature. So get in there and Make Tacos Great Again.