A Finnish court has convicted a hacker who helped knock out Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s Playstation Network of more than 50,000 charges, but the sentence it handed down seems a touch, uh, lenient.

Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki is a member of notorious hacker group Lizard Squad, which in December attacked the two online gaming networks, and also called in a bomb threat that grounded the plane of former Sony executive John Smedley last summer.

Seventeen-year-old Kivimaki’s 50,700 charges included cybercrime, stealing corporate secrets, and online harassment and fraud. And while that’s a ludicrous number of charges, according to Finnish newspaper Kaleva, Kivimaki’s sentence of two years in prison was suspended. He’ll serve no jail time, although his internet activity will be monitored during that period. So that’s something. I guess.

Smedley followed the news up with some angry comments of the “this ain’t over” variety, as Polygon reported. He said Kivimaki’s charges don’t include his alleged role in certain cyber attacks, and that there are plenty more cases pending against the hacker. He also threatened legal action against his family. Sounds like you wouldn’t want to piss this guy off, even if your own country’s court system doesn’t care what you’ve done.