Imagine a world where the constitution is no longer upheld, religious zealotry reigns, and women don’t get to decide what to do with their bodies. No, we’re not talking about the current state of things, but the mere fact that you even went there (admit it, you did) just goes to show how vital Hulu’s upcoming series The Handmaid’s Tale really is.

Based on Margaret Atwood’s eponymous piece of speculative fiction, the hugely anticipated adaptation stars Elisabeth Moss as Offred, a woman who’s stripped of her past life and used as a surrogate womb for the top commanders of a theocratic regime known as the Gilead.

In the just released full-length trailer, Joseph Fiennes, who plays one such commander, tells Offred that they only wanted to make the world better, but unfortunately, “better never means better for everyone.”

Well, Offred isn’t buying it. “I was asleep before. That’s how we let it happen,” she says in voiceover “When they slaughtered Congress, we didn’t wake up. When they blamed terrorists and suspended the constitution, we didn’t wake up then either. Now I’m awake.”

The Handmaid’s Tale officially becomes required viewing when it debuts April 26 on Hulu. Watch the trailer above.