So this isn’t an article confirming that now a working Harry Potter wand exists, but you can get closer to the absolute hedonist decadence that was the food spread of the meals in the great hall. A bed and breakfast located in Wales, called Llety Cynin, is now serving up Harry Potter themed treats. This is all in celebration of the first book’s 20th anniversary; do you feel old yet? For the price of 15.95 pounds per person you too can indulge in an ‘Adult’s Wizarding Tea.’ The spread includes treats such as Hot Butter Beer, finger sandwiches, “Screaming Baby Cakes” and Treacle Tart. If you are wondering what goes into a Hot Butter Beer, find out in the clip below.

Also take a look at the enticing Harry Potter milieu that you can be in as you sip some butter beer.

The special 'Wizarding Teas’ are held twice a week, but be ready to find out exactly what kind of wizard you are. Only after being sorted into a certain house may you take part, and don’t complain if you get slytherin. Everybody knows Snape was the biggest hero, even Harry Potter agrees, so get over it and enjoy some butterbeer.