If you aren’t familiar with Valeria Lukyanova, she’s the human Barbie. Why is she called that? Because she’s got an impossibly thin waist, unfathomable physique, and a face that looks hand-crafted by Mattel. All in all, I always found her about 20% attractive and 80% frightening. I mean, Barbie is supposed to be a symbol of perfection and beauty, right? So someone who looks exactly like that should be the ideal woman, correct? Well, not so much. Not when that woman looks like an actual doll. That is, until now. Valeria posted a new pic to her Instagram page where she looks like a real, live, attractive human woman. Hooray!

Now THAT is a regular looking, sexy woman! She’s still crazy fit, but at least she looks real. For contrast, here are some photos of Valeria when she’s all dolled up. Yes, I intended to make that horrible pun.

She’s not bad, if you’re into the whole “having sex with an inanimate object” type of thing.

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