A couple of months ago, the inventive filmmakers at RealmPictures created a zombie-laden shooter game—except it wasn’t a video game, but a live-action, interactive film that looked like one. And instead of playing with a controller, random people using the video chat service Chatroulette found themselves controlling the game by telling the protagonist what to do.

RealPictures is back with a new level in its live-action game concept, this time with a super sci-fi setting and some even better production values. After awakening on a hospital bed, the first-person camera-wearing protagonist soon finds himself in the huge, industrial-looking cargo bay of a spaceship that’s filled with alien zombie people. There’s even an Aliens-like boss fight near the end with the protagonist driving a giant industrial Power Loader like in the film, compete with a monster-murdering flamethrower.

Check out the video above to see a compilation of how various random Chatroulette users chose to work through it, and for a look at how it was created, fire up the “Making Of” video below.

Via Kotaku