Chances are you don’t put a ton of thought into what you drink, at least not nearly as much as the folks who make your booze. But once you discover the level of craft that The Macallan dedicated to its insanely cool new limited-edition release, you’ll want to think about—and look at—the whisky more than you’ll want to drink it. And man, will you want to drink it.

Since 2008, the Scotch titan has partnered with legendary photographers like Annie Lebowitz and Mario Testino to produce limited-edition “Masters of Photography” whiskies, which fuse the arts of whisky making and imagery in unique ways. For 2017, The Macallan teamed up with Steven Klein, a provocative fashion photographer, to create a whisky focused on the “unspoken fourth ingredient in The Macallan,” per a press release: time.

Inside the box, you’ll find one of 10 signed Klein prints, a bottle stopper in the shape of a horse’s head and custom barware tools to create special serves and flavor experiences.

And then there’s the whisky itself: The Macallan Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno used peat notes to represent the smokiness of the industrial setting of Klein’s short film that accompanies the project. Dalgarno also used Rioja wine casks—a first for The Macallan—to add flavors of berries and spices, leading to a sweetness uncharacteristic in most Macallans.

Of course, such a beautiful package will set you back some. Because the limited-edition release is very limited-edition—as in just 1,000 bottles produced in the world, and only 100 in the U.S.—each bottle costs a cool $3,000.

But hey, you don’t need to pay your mortgage for the next couple months, right?