For most people, Fallout 4 publisher Bethesda’s mobile game, Fallout Shelter, is just a goofy time-wasting simulator in which you create your own nuclear fallout-shielding Vault.

For one player, it was a chance to make a hilariously evil underground harem in which one man, “Overseer Pimp Daddy,” lives with 199 women. User Insta12345 detailed the ridiculous vault on Imgur (via Reddit), in which the in-game man in charge, Overseer Pimp Daddy, maintains his control over the huge number of women in his vault with one simple, terrible secret: he’s made sure only to recruit women with a really low “intelligence” stat into his vault.

If it weren’t enough that its sexist creator has meticulously accrued an underclass of subservient, unintelligent women, Insta12345 also had a plan for maintaining the sexual availability of all 199 women in the vault. Fallout Shelter doesn’t allow characters who are blood relatives to copulate, so the inevitable babies created by Overseer Pimp Daddy’s plans got exiled into the wasteland to clear space.

This Overseer Pimp Daddy is quite a bastard, although it’s tough not to be impressed by the colossal amount of time and energy it must have taken to create Vault 666. Still, it’s an evil shelter that rivals that of Mad Max: Fury Road’s women-enslaving post-apocalyptic villain, Immortan Joe. At least Joe didn’t send his babies out into the wasteland to get killed by giant irradiated scorpions.