Even though Pope Francis has been told by Vatican doctors to lay off the pasta, his well-documented love of pizza and pudding has inspired a culinary frenzy commemorating his first U.S. visit. The supreme pontiff has been gifted a pizza pie or two in his day, but Americans have really stepped up to the plate this week with over-the-top confections that are sure to impress the people’s pope.

There’s this papal pretzel:

Some pretty impressive pizza art: Mozarrella carved in his image.

It begins. #popefrancis

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Toast, because not burning sliced bread with Pope Francis’s face on it would just be disrespectful. These cookies, which have been flying off the shelves: There’s even papal beer! This ale—a version of an Abbey Dubbel—contains yerba mate, which the Argentinian pope is known to sip daily.