Did you see what Zach LaVine did on Saturday night of NBA All-Star Weekend? No, not the ridiculous dunks he threw down to become the second-youngest slam dunk champion in history. We’re talking about the clothes he wore during the NBA All-Star All-Style event.

With All-Star Weekend taking place in New York City at the same time as Fashion Week, the league decided to host its first fashion show. Seven NBA players—LaVine, Jeff Teague, Klay Thompson, James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins, J.R. Smith, and Chandler Parsons—competed and were judged by a panel that included TNT announcers Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, Will Welch of GQ, the WNBA’s Elena Delle Donne, and designer John Elliott. LeBron James, who produced the show, and comedian Kevin Hart played the role of sideline reporters with Shaquille O'Neal serving as M.C. It was basically the walk-off from Zoolander but with guys who tower over Hansel.

No one seemed “turribly” comfortable or entirely sure what was going on. As Hart noted early on, “I’m not sure why Kenny and Chuck are judging. You’re looking at two of the worst dressers to ever walk the planet.” Barkley also revealed that he and Smith had just gone to see 50 Shades Of Grey, which is just weird. Then there was the time when the host asked J.R. Smith—he of “You trying to get the pipe?” fame—if he would be taking the model who walked with him on the runway “home as a consolation prize” if he didn’t win. Fortunately, Smith did win.

As strange as the entire experience of NBA stars parading down a runway was, it did provide an opportunity for some pretty epic comments by the judges and other participants. Here are the craziest things that were said about the looks during the NBA All-Star All-Style Event.

“I’m taking a couple points off because it’s his first All-Star appearance. He’s not a vet yet. Your second All-Star you get a perfect score. I’m the Russian judge.” — Kenny Smith

“I think the little skunk is a nice touch.” — Charles Barkley

“I’m going to have to take a point or two off for that jacket because I know it’s not raining outside and because I know there’s nothing in that briefcase.” — Kenny Smith

“He put on an outfit that most smaller guys try to rock so I give him props for that.” — Kenny Smith

“He looks like a mannequin. He looks perfect.” — Charles Barkley

“When you have the little bit of the cuff showing, that’s the way the suit is supposed to be made. It’s fitting like a glove.” — Kenny Smith

“That suit makes me think of ice cream.” — Kenny Smith

“You can’t wear your own name on the jersey. That’s a faux pas.” — Charles Barkley

“We love the young Indiana Jones look.” — Kenny Smith

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.