Electronic Arts knows you like Fantasy Football, so it’s putting Fantasy Football in your football fantasy game.

Cue Xzibit and the “Yo dawg” meme.

EA dished out a little new information about the focus of Madden NFL 16, this year’s installment into the yearly football franchise, during its press conference this week at E3 2015. Along with the yearly tweaks, it’ll include a mode called “Draft Champions” that works just like Fantasy Football—you participate in a draft and pick your team, and then take them on the field. EA Sports shared lots more details in a blog post.

Other changes this year are focused on the passing game, improving quarterbacks’ ability to control the ball and receivers’ ability to snag it. The idea is to give players the ability and skill to better decide how throws are completed.

That’ll either allow for heroic, amazing grabs to save the game, or endless ridicule as you find you not only are terrible at real sports, but fake sports as well. Good luck and have fun.