Nintendo might be kind of phoning it in with yet another installment of the 15-game strong Mario Party franchise, if its marketing is any indication.

Apparently, the cover art for Mario Party: Star Rush, which features Mario, his brother Luigi, the oft-kidnapped Princess Toadstool and the little mushroom guy Toad, isn’t a new piece of art Nintendo created just for this game. In fact, it’s already appeared out in the world to help sell another product: SpaghettiOs.

As Twitter user @starwindbliss pointed out to the world, the pieces of art are one and the same:

Playboy has reached out to Nintendo for a comment on this most important of video gaming news items. Could there be a scandal afoot?

And not saying Nintendo is lazy or anything—why pay for new art when you already have something that conveys the “party with your Mario pals” feeling, right? That said, a case could be made for false advertising, seeing as all those Mario characters look like they’re having a really good time. Meanwhile here in reality, every experience I’ve ever had with Mario Party has ended with strained friendships and someone angrily storming off to go home.

Maybe it’d be more fun if you could play as a SpaghettiO, though.